The Story Behind Bovine Testicle Powder

Our mission at Ancestral Nutrition has always been pretty straightforward... make the goodness of beef organs, those bloody, odd-tasting, weird-looking, hard-to-find meats that our grandparents ate available to everyone in a convenient form. Organs are bursting with nutrients, more than any other food on the planet, and can help to quickly fill the nutritional gaps that so many of us face today in this ultra-convenient world. 

From day one we decided that we'd cut through the noise and focus on the heavy hitters, the organs that offered the biggest bang for nutritional buck. Beef liver stands proudly as the king, it ticks the majority of nutrients that 'actually deliver' health benefits. It's our most recommended choice in an arena of boutique organs that are marketed more to sell than to benefit the consumer. We've always avoided these obscure organs like thymus, pancreas, brain, tongue and testicles, the list goes on... but we have changed our mind on beef testicles and here's why.

Rewind to November 2023

In a turn of events we found ourselves driving through the jungles of Costa Rica to spend some time with Dr Paul Saladino who we've known for many years. He's a medical doctor from the US who's become a good friend and is more than qualified when it comes to the subject of beef organs. He has a thriving company in the US and asked us why we weren't stocking beef testicle in our range as they offer a very unique set of nutrients that you'll struggle to get anywhere else. When we arrived back in Australia we started researching and uncovered the following:

  • Beef testicles contain naturally occurring sex hormones including testosterone and also contain nutrients that are precursors to testosterone
  • We're experiencing a generational decline in sex hormone levels for both males and females 
  • Symptoms include increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, poor libido and mood amongst many others

Time to Test the Testicles 

After working to find a reputable source we found ourselves with 25kg of freeze-dried, grass-fed/finished beef testicle powder and quickly actioned the following:

  • Sent samples for 3rd-party nutrient analysis
  • Tested sample with Hasta - Australian sports supplement testing specialist
  • Shared test samples with friends/associates for N=1 feedback

We tested this at home for the next 3 months by incorporating a 2g serve (1 heaped teaspoon) into our morning smoothies. The taste was a little nutty (no joke) and didn't impact the smoothie in any way.

The Results Were In

  1. The Hasta testing results confirmed what we thought we knew. They did not approve the product for use in professional sport and outlined that it was officially performance enhancing. It was found to contain Androstenediol, BAB, Testosterone and Octopamine which are naturally occurring substances and sex hormones. While this isn't suitable for professional athletes it's encouraging for those non-professionals wanting to maximise their health and exercise goals.

  2. The nutrient analysis outlined that the samples also contained selenium, vitamin A and zinc which are key nutrients required to support sex hormone production.

  3. Our in-house testing on ourselves, friends and associates provided very positive feedback which can be found on the product page here.

The Bottom Line

We rate the effectiveness of any new supplement with two questions:

  1. Did it provide any meaningful benefits?
  2. Will it become a daily staple?

In the case of the freeze-dried bulls testicle it's a resounding yes to both questions. It certainly isn't a magic pill but is a worthwhile addition to your daily regime if you're already actively working to improve your nutrition, movement, mindset and sleep. 


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