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Great products!!

Definite boost of energy. Would definitely recommend this product.


I am absolutely stoked with this product! I rarely leave reviews so when I do, it means I’ve really struck gold. I have been taking ancestral nutrition since February- firstly primal energy for a few weeks (which was awesome), then four months ago switched over to primal iron as both my ferritin and iron levels were 8 - yikes!! After taking it daily or second daily, my levels are over 30 and I no longer have static brain fog/headaches/extreme fatigue. I have reordered more to continue on this winning streak.. it’s just too good. Flavourless & simple, what more could you want! Thanks AN for reviving me!

happy customer

Still early days, but the product is great, no after taste, I'm taking 4 a day as advised. Hoping this will benefit my skin, increase my energy levels and overall health. Thinking of going on a repeat order and make this a part of my daily health routine ongoing.

Love it

I use this in a variety of things from smoothies, pancakes, bolognese, yolky hot beverages and love knowing my family is getting this nutritious organ benefits regularly in their meals. Thank you for this awesome product!

Great product at a competitive price

Primal Energy - Grass Fed Beef Liver

Excellent, natural product

Looking for a product to replenish very low iron levels, I stumbled across this website and have been extremely pleased with my current progress - slow of course, but feeling the benefits already and being an Australian brand is very comforting. No after taste so it is quite easy to take.

Makes adding nutrients to dinners for my family so easy!

Makes adding nutrients to dinners for my family so easy!

This has changed my life! After spending so much time of my life sleeping because I was so fatigued I now have boundless energy and am so happy!!
I absolutely love this product and the fact that I have set it up as a subscription so I never have to worry about accidentally running out.

Good quality products

They keep me alive because I'm not allowed to cook meat here. At least I can survive on these supplements.

Felt no different on these tablets unfortunately. I've always had low iron and thought I'd try something to boost my energy levels rather than taking general iron supplements. Unfortunately, these did not help me at all.

Didn't feel any change in my body. Not for me but nothing wrong with the product

Loving this so far can feel a difference even after a week of only taking a half dose. I also 2 curious cats trying to lick the containers as they could smell the goodness inside. As a Tasmanian it was a no brainer to try these knowing they are from Tasmanian cattle.

Product is fabulous! Have been taking for a while now😊

It’s a Gamechanger!

I’ve been anaemic my entire life, I also have a genetic mutation that makes it hard for my body to absorb B12. I’ve taken these capsules for three weeks now and I haven’t had one nerve pain, or one day where I was exhausted. I’ve also noticed baby hairs growing in my thinning hairline. This product really is a game changer for people like me who have chronic mineral deficiencies. Thank you.

Highly impressed!

On a friend's recommendation, my husband and I (both in our 60s) have been taking the Primal Multi capsules 4 times daily for 10 days now. We are both feeling the benefits, including better sleep and increased energy levels. Will definitely re-order!

Looking forward to my next blood test!

For the first time in a long time I have consistent energy throuout the day. My iron levels have always been well under par, and I am not able to eat meat, legumes or take "regular" iron supplements, all due to a digestive disorder. Primal Iron has definitely helped with my fatigue without any issues with my gut! This makes me so happy. Crossing my fingers my blood iron levels have increased. Thanks!

Always on time and very effective for those whose diet is lacking

Absolutely love it.

Such a great product. After a week I noticed an increase in energy. Going to stick with this product for a very long time.

From Struggling to Thriving: The best Iron Supplement

This is my second bottle, and the results are remarkable. My iron deficiency is completely gone. Unlike synthetic products that don’t work well for me, this supplement has transformed my life. I went from struggling to function to feeling like a normal, healthy person again, all without needing an iron infusion. My previously dry skin is now much improved, and my hair, which was falling out, has started to grow back, looking shiny and healthy. Thanks for providing such an awesome alternative to mainstream options!

Swear by it. I suffer low iron. This cow in a capsule keeps my levels at a good rate. Without having to take chemist manufactured medication. I’ll keep taking this and highly recommend it to everyone.

Absolutely Fantastic They All Work Such Synergy

These Products Are A Game Changer For Me . I Am So Grateful I Found You. Having Been Seriously ill But Not Giving Into It . I Was Still Struggling Post Major Surgery I Do Alot Working My Own Business Health Industry & A Carer & Have Always Continued To Be Active During Illness & Recovery But Struggled . Now I Have 💪 Muscles & Enjoy The Gym & Swimming Because I Have The Energy. I Recommend Your Products To Everyone That Considers Their Health Worth Investing In. My Teeth Feel So Much Stronger My Whole Body & Mind Does. I Have Invested A Fortune In A Variety of Different Vitamins, Minerals, I feel I Will Be Letting Them Go . Huge Blessings, Gratitude From UK