The Story Behind Ancestral Nutrition

Matt Ancestral Nutrition

The back-story of Ancestral Nutrition first started for me personally trying to solve my wife's ongoing tiredness, headaches and brain fog. It was later discovered that she had an MTHFR gene mutation and subsequently my two children and myself were found to have it as well! It then became a bit of a family thing to discover more about the MTFHR gene mutation and what it meant for our ongoing health.

Initially we were prescribed an active B-vitamin complex but it was all synthetic and after a year or so of taking those B-vitamins, which were also very expensive, I just didn’t feel right that we all had to take something synthetic in order to solve our problem.

I’d been asking friends that were in the health industry that surely there’s got to be a natural product, something that I can eat that provides me the things I need and eventually I was led to a medical doctor in the States. He had recorded a podcast specifically on the MTHFR gene mutation because he himself had the same issue. In the podcast he described how beef liver and egg yolks were the two richest sources of the B-vitamins needed to support the MTHFR gene mutation so that was the beginning for me personally.

Once I discovered that organs themselves, and in particular liver, did such an amazing job for the MTHFR gene mutation, our overall energy levels and health in general, that really started me down the rabbit-hole of the power of beef organs. These discoveries led me to create a business centred on helping people solve their issues around fatigue which ultimately became the inception of Ancestral Nutrition.

From there I made it my mission to source the best quality organs I could find which ultimately took me to Tasmania where the quality of the cattle is second to none. After a lot of time spent researching and auditing the farms, l'm confident that we now offer the very best quality of beef organs available in Australia today.

Fast-forward to today and I'm so thrilled to report that we've received thousands of product testimonials from happy customers who are feeling more energised, alive and healthy by simply including beef organs into their daily routine.

I hope my story inspires you on your journey to better health.

Matt Blackham
Ancestral Nutrition