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Such a great product. After a week I noticed an increase in energy. Going to stick with this product for a very long time.


Fantastic love the product 💪💪💪

Good for women too

Testosterone is a precursor to osteogen

I’m in menopause and have read a growing body of evidence that testosterone supplements have many of the benefits of traditional HRT

I’m being mindful and thoughtful about taking this and only took 1/8 teaspoon to start with and I’m still feeling the benefits

I’m sensitive generally to supplements which is why I also took a low dose

I’ve been taking the liver supplements from ancestral nutrition off and on for 6 months. Only 1 tablet a day and a blood test in January showed very good B12 levels as in best ever

I love Tasmania for it’s wild clean spaces so it’s great to have these products from there

Nathan Pires Costa
YES, GET IT NOW! (the sign you’re looking for)

What I noticed:
+ Hormone balance
+ Build lean muscle mass
+ Fat loss
+ Increase energy levels
+ Brain clarity (no brain fog)
+ Better sleep (take it in the mornings, though)
+ Endurance
+ Strength
+ Gives you THAT motivation to exercise

THE BEST supplement out there.
I have been taking it with Primal Energy (Beef liver) in the mornings for over a month, and its impact on my life has been tremendously positive!

Thank you, Ancestral Nutrition, you are onto it. It makes me comfortable to use your products as your values are to make us all feel great naturally to be the best version of ourselves through high-quality, locally sustainably sourced ingredients.

Enjoying this!

I've been trying Primal Body for a few weeks, so far i've noticed better focus, less brain fog and i've felt like leaner, when not much has changed in my work out routine.