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Definite boost of energy. Would definitely recommend this product.

Angela Moss

I am absolutely stoked with this product! I rarely leave reviews so when I do, it means I’ve really struck gold. I have been taking ancestral nutrition since February- firstly primal energy for a few weeks (which was awesome), then four months ago switched over to primal iron as both my ferritin and iron levels were 8 - yikes!! After taking it daily or second daily, my levels are over 30 and I no longer have static brain fog/headaches/extreme fatigue. I have reordered more to continue on this winning streak.. it’s just too good. Flavourless & simple, what more could you want! Thanks AN for reviving me!


Makes adding nutrients to dinners for my family so easy!

Natala Drew
Looking forward to my next blood test!

For the first time in a long time I have consistent energy throuout the day. My iron levels have always been well under par, and I am not able to eat meat, legumes or take "regular" iron supplements, all due to a digestive disorder. Primal Iron has definitely helped with my fatigue without any issues with my gut! This makes me so happy. Crossing my fingers my blood iron levels have increased. Thanks!

From Struggling to Thriving: The best Iron Supplement

This is my second bottle, and the results are remarkable. My iron deficiency is completely gone. Unlike synthetic products that don’t work well for me, this supplement has transformed my life. I went from struggling to function to feeling like a normal, healthy person again, all without needing an iron infusion. My previously dry skin is now much improved, and my hair, which was falling out, has started to grow back, looking shiny and healthy. Thanks for providing such an awesome alternative to mainstream options!