Egyptian Lambs Heart in Tomato Broth

Egyptian Lambs Heart in Tomato Broth

If you're new to cooking with organs this recipe is well worth your time in the kitchen. Lamb hearts are the star of the show which taste divine in this dish.⁠ If you're new to eating heart, whether it's lamb or beef this short article will outline why we LOVE this organ.


  • 6 lambs hearts⁠
  • 2-3 onions⁠
  • Ghee⁠
  • 2/3 cups tomato paste⁠
  • 500ml-750ml Bone Broth (enough to cover ingredients) ⁠
  • Salt to taste⁠
  • 2/3 tbsp spices (baharat & cinnamon)⁠


  1. Trim and slice the hearts into bite size pieces⁠
  2. Slice the onions⁠
  3. Saute onions in ghee⁠
  4. When the onions have cooked down, add the heart and brown slightly⁠
  5. Add tomato paste and stir through⁠
  6. Add spices and cover with bone broth⁠
  7. Cook in slow oven (150-160C) for 90 mins until tender⁠
  8. Served traditionally with lentils and rice.⁠

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